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Monday, May 15, 2006

Dr. Thomas Diflo - Organ Trafficking For Profit Is Illegal And Morally Reprehensible

  • Dr. Thomas Diflo - Organ Trafficking For Profit Is Illegal And Morally Reprehensible (audio)

  • I Want To See China Tyrants And Gangsters Been Brought To Justice

  • I Want To See China Tyrants And Gangsters Been Brought To Justice (audio)

  • Falun Gong practitioners are the army bring peace in the 21 century in pushing China into Democracy.

    Timothy Cooper - Hu Jintao, You Will Be Held Accountable

  • Hu Jintao, You Will Be Held Accountable (audio)

  • April 20, 2006, Rally to stop the criminal tyrant of killing his own people.

    Morton Sklar - Organ Harvesting Is Illegal

  • Morton Sklar - Organ Harvesting Is Illegal (audio)

  • Dr. Morton Sklar says 'For whom the bells tolled?.....when genocide takes place the bell tolls for all of us.'

    March 27, 2006, Dr. Morton Sklar at DC Rally – Sujiatun Death Camp

    It was very moving to hear the bells tolling from the church at the end of our moment of silence a few minutes ago. And it reminded me the question that often is asked: for whom the bells tolled. And what we must tell the world is that when genocide takes place the bell tolls for all of us. We are subjected to all those problems, we are all the targets of that problem of genocide, and the entire world recognize that. Liaoning Province.and former Governor of Liaoning Province Bo Xilai had become infamous because the roll it has been played in promoting the campaign of persecution against Falun Gong practitioners in China. Liaoning Province under Bo Xilai’s leadership and supervision has become a site where some of the worst atrocity in campaign of persecution that has taken place, is the site where the largest number of individuals had been detained arbitrarily and subjected to long term persecution, and is the site of one of the largest and the worst labor, torture death camp in China. As many of you know that Bo Xilai and many other Chinese officials who have been involved in persecution campaign have been subjected to law suit in an effort of holding them accountable of their actions. And we hope that those law suits are having an effect in helping to stop persecution that is taking place. The latest news out of Liaoning Province is even more disturbing concerning the organ harvesting and transplants. In 1995, I was in Mainland China, part of human rights monitoring mission, when the first report about the harvesting human organs for use of transplants was released by Human Rights Watch, it was an effective report that helped to mobilize the international community to deal with this issue. The reports that have the same practice are now taking place in China Lioaning Province not simply against individuals as was the case in 1995 who have been convicted of crimes, but for people who is only offensed has been insisted on being able to exercise their spiritual beliefs and to practice Falun Gong.. In the news head line today, there’s a story about an African man by the name of Rockmon, the United States Government and International Community mobilize their efforts to make certain that Mr. Rockmon would not be trialed and committed to death for the changing of his religion from Islam to Christianity. If the United States Government and International Community can become in sensed and that effective in terms of stopping the persecution of one individual for spiritual persecution why can they not do the same thing for the thousands of individual Falun Gong practitioners who have been subjected to this kind of biases. The International Community that we service representatives involved is pleased to be here and to be working in solidarity with you in trying to end the persecution campaign and especially to end the practice of the un-voluntary human organ harvesting and transplants. We will encourage you to follow the very successful example of Human Rights Watch in 1995 by joining with the human rights organization like Human Rights Watch they are concerning this problems and with Medical and Scientific Communities that should be I think all in sensed about this practice. To join together with them to melt a massive campaign, to bring an attention to these problems and to stop organ transplants and death from taking place. Thank you.

    Timothy Cooper - The Party Is Over! Rally For A Free China

  • Timothy Cooper - The Party Is Over! Rally For A Free China (audio)

  • Five Millions Chinese have quit their CCP membership.

    The Party’s Over! Rally for a Free China
    By James Fish and Evan Mantyk
    Special to the Epoch times Oct 23, 2005

    (The Epoch Times)
    High-resolution image (800 x 604 px, 72 dpi) The Soviet Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania… when communism passed in these nations, it happened so swiftly that it caught the whole world off guard. The same thing could happen any day now in China.

    That was the message of the march and rally in Flushing Saturday to celebrate five million people quitting the Chinese Communist Party in the past year: Communism in China is crumbling, history is happening, and this time the world should take notice. It could all be over in a flash.

    Speakers at the rally came from the Bronx, Flushing, New York City… and as far away as Romania and Germany. Assemblymen, human rights activists, and folk singers joined the rally to support the courageous Chinese citizens who have renounced the Chinese Communist Party and to tell the world that a free China is coming, and quickly, and that this is a very good thing for the whole world.

    "On the Verge of a Great Change in China"

    Timothy Cooper (The Epoch Times)

    Fifteen hundred people gathered near the Flushing Mall, after marching through the streets of the city, to hear speakers like Timothy Cooper, Executive Director of Worldrights, a non-governmental organization (NGO) focusing on human rights in China.

    Mr.Cooper told the crowd, “There can be no doubt that we are on the verge of a great change in China… and I will do everything in my power to help you win liberty and justice in China.”

    Cooper, who successfully for the passage of resolutions on behalf of imprisoned Chinese dissidents by the Parliament of Canada, the U.S House of Representatives, the British House of Commons, and the Taiwan Legislative Yuan, asked the audience, “How does it feel to watch the birth of a new conscience in China?”

    Assemblyman Scarborough (The Epoch Times)
    High-resolution image (594 x 555 px, 72 dpi) Queens Assemblyman William Scarborough waited patiently in the rain for two hours for a chance to address the crowd. “As an African-American, I understand a people struggling to win their freedom. I fully support those that speak out in the face of the Chinese Communist Party’s oppression… I know you will bring freedom to China.”
    Chinese people who publicly renounce the CCP do so at great personal risk. Even resigning anonymously by phone, fax or email is dangerous, as the CCP employs hundreds of thousands of special police to monitor these activities. Nonetheless, tens of thousands of Chinese are choosing every day to take the risk and make the choice to renounce their party affiliation, believing that the CCP has brought nothing but harm to China.

    Change Could Come Overnight

    Steven Ispas (The Epoch Times)Californian Steven Ispas, just back from a tour of Eastern Europe where he attended several forums on The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party (published by The Epoch Times) spoke of the speed with which Communism collapsed in his native Romania in 1989. “When the rest of Eastern Europe rejected Communism, Romania seemed strongly communist, just as China seems strongly communist now. Yet it was only four days from the first protests in Bucharest until the communist dictator was ousted and executed for his crimes. It could happen that fast in China.”

    Dr. Torsten Trey (The Epoch Times)Doctor Torsten Trey from Germany also drew parallels between the collapse of communism in Europe and its coming collapse in China. “Though 1989 was a year of tragedy in China [because of the Tiananmen Square Massacre] it was a year of joy in Germany, as democracy in West Germany won out over communism in East Germany.”
    No one expected the Berlin Wall to fall; no one expected the Soviet Union to dissolve; no one in Germany expected the Communist Party in East Germany to collapse, but it’s time had come. “As in Germany in 1989,” said Dr. Trey, “the time is near for communism to fall in China.”

    “Communism may have been once an interesting theory by Karl Marx in the 1800s, but it doesn’t actually work. It drives people to take control over others under the guise of equality,” said Stewart Weisman, a local attorney who marched in the parade.

    Stewart Weisman, Esq. (The Epoch Times)“I’m here to show solidarity with people who have quit the CCP, and in hopes that more people will do so,” said Weisman. Weisman has done work for the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, which investigates and collects information surrounding the persecution of people who practice Falun Gong, a meditation practice, in China.

    Bronx Assemblyman Michael Benjamin posed the question, “We’re asking for freedom in Iraq, why aren’t we working toward freedom in China?” Benjamin said that he and his wife, a Tai Chi instructor, are very much interested in Chinese culture and Chinese democracy.

    Assemblyman Benjamin and his wife Kennedy (The Epoch Times)
    High-resolution image (594 x 461 px, 72 dpi) “The United States and Europe have a lot of investment in China. We need to use our leverage,” said Benjamin. Assemblyman Benjamin plans on raising support for Democracy in China in the New York State Assembly and issuing a proclamation of support.
    Marcher Maria Salzman from Boston grew up in communist Poland. “I still remember the tear gas on the streets as the communists were trying to eradicate the solidarity movement. But this year, we celebrated 25 years since solidarity was formed. We’ve had another free election and Poland is growing… I hope more Chinese people in mainland China can take this opportunity to see through the Communist Party’s lies.”

    ”The Party Is Over”

    (The Epoch Times)
    High-resolution image (800 x 604 px, 72 dpi) Washington D.C. activist Court Pearman, from The Global Coalition to Say Goodbye to the CCP, had high praise for the five million people who have found the courage to quit the CCP.

    Pearman described how the Communist Party is responsible for more deaths than all the wars of humankind since the dawn of history and how the CCP has slaughtered tens of millions of its own people in what it calls the “5 percent Rule”: At any time, the CCP will persecute 5 percent of the population; be they intellectuals, landowners, democracy activists, labor unionists, or Falun Gong practitioners, some group that comprises five percent of the population will be harassed, imprisoned, tortured, and publicly murdered to keep the other 95% of the population in a state of fear.

    Those who are not persecuted will do almost anything, including denounce their own friends and family, to avoid being part of that 5 percent.

    (The Epoch Times)
    High-resolution image (594 x 616 px, 72 dpi) “The CCP turns people against each other until no one knows the truth, and everyone is afraid.” Now, however, in part due the spreading of The Nine Commentaries in China, people are seeing the truth and choosing to leave the Party. As the truth of what the CCP has wrought on China spreads more widely, more and more Chinese people are opting to quit the CCP, and the number of resignations will continue to climb until the Party collapses.
    “The Party is dead, it just doesn’t know it! Communism is dead! The CCP is dead; free China!,” Pearman proclaimed with the support of the audience.

    Pearman announced that the Global Coalition will be holding a “Party to End the Party” in Washington, DC on Sunday and encouraged all to make the trip. “Come celebrate the passing of the CCP! Tell the CCP that the Party is over!”

    Please see Activists March in Flushing to Condemn Communism for more reporting on this event.

    Friday, May 05, 2006

    Jack Wheeler - Nine Commentaries Forum - June 20, 2005

  • Jack Wheller At Nine Commentaries Forum (audio)

  • Jack Wheller predicts that in the near future China will have no water, not banks, and no wives.